Business World Development Trust - NPO: 320/2011/PMB PBO: 930041171

Through our networks and business operations we identified that there were some glaring gaps in the world of business, areas that needed to be addressed from a community upliftment and social responsibility perspective. It was through this process that the Business World Development Trust (BWDT) was established.

The BWDT is a non - profit organisation committed to addressing needs in an effective and successful manner. In the challenging world we live in, it is imperative for school leavers to have access to, and the means to achieve a form of tertiary education. Many companies and organisations have excellent bursary programmes designed to target academic achievers, focussed on ensuring that the critical careers, such as Actuaries, Engineers and Accountants, required by their industry, are well stocked for the next generation. There are however, a vast number of school leavers who will not qualify for these targeted bursary programmes, and this is where the Business World Development Trust has chosen to direct its efforts. There are many scholars, of an excellent calibre, who will not qualify for a bursary, or who would not choose to study in a narrow framework. Many of these scholars will be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, and they need basic business skills to set them on the right path.

The purpose of this fund is to assist the scholars who would not have been able to receive a bursary or scholarship, to give them a head start on their chosen careers, and to grow the entrepreneurs within the South African economy. Your contribution in this regard will be highly appreciated. Banking Details Account Holder: Business World Development Trust Bank: Standard Bank Account no: 045191476 Branch name: Msunduzi Branch code: 040727 Swift code  : SBZAZAJJ